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GlobalShop 2018 - Chicago

GlobalShop 2018 was an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the PAVE student design winners, and I got to see my design come to life for the first time. The design that I worked so hard on intensively for a month is currently being reviewed by The Body Shop visuals team, and could show up in one of their stores near you!

At GlobalShop, I had the opportunity to network with various architectural firms from all around the globe. With all of the new amazing internship options that I have been presented with, I am thinking of the possibility of traveling to work with some very big firms!

I am so grateful that Endicott College gave me the opportunity to compete in this competition and that PAVE (Planning and Visual Education) has opened so many doors for my future. Below are some images of my trip to Chicago, including my design!

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