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5 Quick and Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas

Here are some insanely quick and easy DIY home decor ideas that you can use to spice up your place!

1. Floating Geometric Shapes

Thread string through plastic straws and tie the string in various geometric shapes. Hot glue can be used to add stability or clean up edges. Spray paint the the shapes a color of your choice and hang them from the ceiling with fishing line for a modern look.

2. Spice Up Your Kitchen

If you live in an apartment or rental without an interesting backsplash in the kitchen, make your own art! Hang decorative placemats above the sink for an interesting pop of color.

3. DIY Key Holder

If you're on a budget, use old wood scraps to create a key holder! Just buy knobs if you use lanyards or hooks for normal key sizes and customize to your liking!

4. Plate Wall Art

Find some inexpensive and light-weight plates from the thrift store and attach D-ring to the back by stringing duct tape through the hole and attaching it to the plate. If the plates are light-weight, the tape will hold and the D-rings can be hung on nails. You can also customize your plates!

5. Embroidered Canvas Art

If you have an extra canvas lying around that you haven't touched, pencil on a design you like, poke some holes, and thread some string through to create a stitched artwork.

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